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The World's Most Expensive Rum

Legacy by Angostura is quite simply rum without equal. Created by Angostura of Trinidad – makers of the world’s most awarded rum range – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence of Trinidad, only 20 decanters of this precious liquid will ever be released. Each carries with it a price tag of US$25,000, making Legacy by Angostura the world’s most expensive rum. Many would argue it is also the world’s best rum. The culmination of almost 200 years of distilling heritage, it is an artful blend of seven of Angostura of Trinidad’s most rare and precious rums (each with a minimum age of 17 years). And for the world’s most expensive rum, the world’s best packaging. Legacy by Angostura is presented in a bespoke 500ml crystal and silver decanter specially made by jewellers to the Prince of Wales, Asprey of London.

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The Rum

According to Angostura master distiller, John Georges, Legacy by Angostura is crystal polished dark oak in colour, with bronze and gold highlights. It enters the palate with sweet, dried fruit flavours and, as it fills the mouth with warmth, the notes become nutty and spicy. The finish is long with trailing flavours of orange zest and oak.

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The Presentation

Individually hand made by master craftsmen from ten separate trades, the design of the Legacy by Angostura crystal decanter is inspired by an original 1930s art deco decanter created by Asprey of London and Angostura's 1824 and 1919 bottles. Each decanter is signed by Asprey, crowned by a sterling silver finial in the shape of a butterfly on sugar cane-in-arrow (the motif of this rum), and presented in a hand-made wooden case, lined with silk and velvet and covered with soft Asprey Ascot Red calf leather.

The Opportunity

Only 20 decanters of Legacy by Angostura will ever be offered worldwide. Only one will be offered for sale in most markets. More than any other, then, this is the chance to own a piece of history. The ultimate rum? Or the ultimate collectible? Perhaps the only true answer is that Legacy by Angostura is both.

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Express Interest

Legacy by Angostura is a strictly limited opportunity. It will be offered for sale exclusively in the markets below at the time indicated. No further release will be made. To express you interest in owning this exceptional sipping rum, please enquire by clicking on the link below.

  • Trinidad & Tobago: 4 August 2013
  • USA
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Greece
  • Russia
  • Taiwan
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